Month: January 2010

Future Docs Blogs!

Welcome to Future Docs Blog, dedicated to medical education news and policy as well as career advising. I started on Twitter on Jan 1 2009 and decided once if I made it a year I would launch a blog… (so I am a tweeter turned blogger and not the other way around interestingly).

Why blog?

I am interested in spreading the word about medical education and dispelling myths. I routinely come across nonmedical people who are very confused by our system – is a medical student a doctor? is a resident a medical student? Why do residents work such long hours?

Interestingly, I also run into students and residents who are confused by the system – especially the payment system but also what academic faculty even do when they “leave rounds”.

Why now?

With the possibility of healthcare reform, increasing competition for residency positions, decisions regarding duty hours looming, the time for dialogue is now!

How often?

I am nervous about starting something I can’t keep up with – so I have set the goal for 2 posts per month. Let’s see how this goes and then I can reassess.

Look forward to your comments.