How ‘Juuling’ Can Be More Dangerous to Teens Than Funny

Have you ever heard of the term vaping before? Well, you probably should, especially if you are a parent with a child in middle school. That is usually the best time for parents to start building all kinds of defense mechanisms against this new pervasive and harmful habit that has become so popular among teens these days. You may think that you have already given your kids the “don’t do drugs” speech enough times that it has stuck with your kids that drugs are bad. But sometimes these threats and advice, don’t sink in as well as parents might want, and kids end up using drugs. Now, vaping is the new kind of smoking where battery-powered devices are used that can vaporize nicotine, candy-flavored chemicals, or even THC, which is the main content for cannabis or even a mixture of all the three drugs.

The main danger about this new smoking method is that it looks to be super-easy and seems to be harmless to the kids using it. It’s virtually everywhere; from the bathrooms where the kids frequently visit in between classes to the locker rooms before game sessions. You will find it at the movies, walk home from schools and even at friend’s houses.

These gadgets are usually small in design and can be disguised as USBs or even pens. If you do not look close enough, you may miss them while your kids use them right under your nose every single day. Juul, this e-cigarette maker, is very popular among the under-age who is set for its sleek and discreet designs and its vapor is almost undetectable. You can miss detecting its fumes almost as soon as the windows are opened, which will end up eliminating all traces of its toxic fumes. The manufacturers of this product must have known exactly what they were doing when they designed these products and made them available to under-aged kids. It has made the abuse of such drugs like nicotine super-easy, even if these manufacturers claim that they strictly never sell their products to under-aged kids.

This alone should not comfort you or even make you think that your young kid can’t easily access and use these products which can be found virtually everywhere now; in schools, movies, friend’s places, etc. The list is much longer than this. And what makes the situation even more horrific is the price tag on these devices, they are relatively cheap and go for between $30 and $50 on any school market while the pre-filled containers of these liquids can go for as little as $5 in a single pop.

The issue now comes in when the addiction part kicks in from the continued use of these products. When the urge to smoke more of THC or nicotine kicks in and then it becomes not just an issue of dependency of the drug that you now have to worry about as a parent, but also a whole new array of other problems relating to health and everything else related to drug addiction.

Unfortunately, vaping is still too new in the drug market for researchers to come to any conclusions of long-term use of this new mode of smoking and it could probably take another couple of years before such conclusions and effects are reached. But until then, all you can do as a parent is to be vigilant and keen on your kid’s habits.