Media Mentions

Selected media coverage by year:


New York Times Dr. Paid Less: An Old Title Still Fits Female Physicians

Marie Claire Magazine, Are You a Female Doctor? You’re Probably Getting Paid Less Than Your Male Coworkers


The Atlantic, How Doctors Are Experimenting With Cutting Health-Care Costs

MedPage Today, How to Rein in Out of Control Healthcare Costs 

AHRQ PSNet, In Conversation with ..Vineet Arora MD MAPP


MedPage Today, 10 Questions with Dr. Vineet Arora

New York Times, Rethinking the Education of A Doctor 


NPR, These Are The Tweets That Will Get A Doctor In Trouble

Medscape, Back to the Future: Past RIV Winners Talk About What the Recognition Meant for Their Careers


New York Times, Getting Doctors to Think About Costs

Fox News, Are hospitals too loud for patients to sleep?

The Atlantic, The Physician Burnout Epidemic: What It Means for Patients and Reform

Huffington Post, More Than Half Of Resident Doctors Report Coming In To Work Even While Sick, Study Finds

2011 and before

New York Times,  When Patient Handoffs Go Terribly Wrong

CNN, When Your Doctor Makes Fun of You