Money is a critical element of how we run our daily lives for centuries now. And it is no secret that most of the money related problems like debt and being broke can seriously affect your health. In some cases, you may not even realize it but the moment you feel like some of your money problems have dampened your mood or made you gloomy, then know that you are a victim of what this article is talking about. A person who has enough money or no money problems will naturally feel a lot of self-confidence and fulfillment. But a person who is wallowing in debt accompanied by other money-related issues can be severely affected health-wise.

In order to have a healthy life it’s important for one to make sure that his financially life is balanced and running smoothly: expenses are being paid on time, savings are being set aside and all the Lend Green loans are being paid on time. The dangerous thing about having an unstable financial life is that it not only affects your life but also of those people who are close to you.

Here are some of the common health issues that can be caused by money problems.


In as much as money can’t necessarily buy you happiness, you would agree with the point that money has the potential of keeping you from being depressed. Imagine being trapped in a situation where you are so deep in debt but have no possible way of paying up. It is very easy for depression to kick in and soon start weighing you down big time.


This is, perhaps, the most common health issue that money problems can cause. Money problems can sometimes even lead to you developing poor sleep habits. In other cases, even insomnia. Both of which can severely harm you health-wise. As the more you deprive your body the opportunity to rest, you are only wearing it out faster. Soon, you will start developing symptoms like moodiness, irritability, slowed reflexes, impaired motor skills, and maybe even short-term memory loss. All of which can get you into hotter soup.

3. Fatigue

When you stress yourself for too long about all of your money problems, the stress hormones in your body can ultimately lead you to exhaustion and fatigue. And fatigue can lead to more detrimental health problems that you may not be able to come back from.


Stress is also a common trigger of the frequent headaches that you may be having. And as mentioned earlier, money problems can easily get you stressed and worked up enough to get you going bonkers. Your money problems might even worsen if the headaches prevent you from getting any work done.


Ever noticed that people who are stressed smoke and drink more than they usually do? Well, money problems can also do that. And that can be as a result of the stress that those problems come with. You may think that the alcohol and drugs keep your body calm. But they are actually keeping your body in a more stressed state. Not to mention the effects the drugs will have on your overall health too.

6. Skin disorders

If you are the type who deals with a lot of money stress on a regular basis, there is a chance that your body will respond by developing skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis. All the more reason to not dismiss and skin-related disorders when dealing with money stresses.


Most people cope with stress by eating a lot of sugary foods and carbs. But a poor diet can eventually lead to weight gain plus a host of other health-related problems like diabetes, heart attacks, or even obesity. So, before you reach for that bag of chips next time, ask yourself if you are hungry or just coping with some stressful situation somewhere.

Overall, you notice that it is the stressful situation that money puts us in that makes us develop these health issues. Stress is the primary cause of most of these health issues, and if you can figure out a way to curb it, then you can be safe. At least you will be healthy even as you deal with your money problems.