Customers love free giveaways! Nothing says you value a customer better than a gift. It tells them you appreciate their business and that you’re grateful they chose to do business with you.

Among the best promotional giveaways at this time when the world is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic is a bottle of hand sanitizer. What you’re in essence saying is that you value your client’s life and want them to stay alive and healthy. You cannot go wrong with this gift and you can also buy the hand sanitizers in bulk.

The good news is that there are many types of hand sanitizers in the market. Here are the seven types of hand sanitizers to choose from:


The frequent use of hand sanitizers leaves hands feeling chapped and dry. This is courtesy of the alcohol content in sanitizers. To be effective at killing germs, WHO recommends that sanitizers contain at least 60% alcohol. Moisturizing hand sanitizers, while observing the WHO regulations, soothe your hands and leave them soft.


These type of hand sanitizers are great at keeping your hands as natural as possible despite the frequent sanitizing. They are different from moisturizing sanitizers in that they aim at just sanitizing your hands, leaving them naturally hydrated. It’s an ideal gift for people with oily skin who don’t need extra moisturizing. For those with dry skin, moisturizing hand sanitizers are highly recommended.


The advantage with hand sanitizer wet wipes is that they leave your skin feeling soft. This is courtesy of an aloe vera ingredient that moisturizes and soothes your skin.

Most sanitizing wipes feature benzethonium chloride or ethyl alcohol, the most active antibacterial agents for sanitizers. They are also hypoallergenic. Besides, unlike other sanitizers, wipes are non-sticky. Compared to liquids and gels, wipes have superior functionality.

You can wipe dirt from your face, hands and on any other surface. Besides, wet wipes are not flagged at airports, unlike liquid sanitizers. You can effortlessly carry a few packs in your travel bag.

With COVID-19 often being transmitted via hands, it’s not difficult to understand why your customers will be delighted with such a thoughtful gift of sanitizing wipes.


This dual-purpose product kills germs upon contact. It’s great for cleaning and disinfecting hands. One can choose from a range of alcohol-free sanitizers, which are just as effective as the alcohol-based ones.

Foaming hand sanitizers are usually unscented since scented variants use additives or colourants, which some people are allergic to. The beauty of foaming hand sanitizers is that upon application, they spread easily on hands and do not drip. They are also great for moisturizing hands without leaving them oily.


These are extremely effective at eliminating germs. They are ideal where water and soap are not available since they clear both dirt and germs. To counter the effect of alcohol, which leaves your hands dry, manufacturers include a moisturizer to protect your skin. This means they can easily get rid of germs while making sure your skin is smooth and soft.

Gel hand sanitizers come in scented and unscented varieties. The former is more popular due to its wide range of fragrances. You can choose from cinnamon, lemongrass, forest berry, vanilla, watermelon, citrus, and coconut among other fragrances. For people with allergic reactions, unscented gel hand sanitizers are recommended.


These hand sanitizers are a perfect alternative where water and soap are unavailable. They kill harmful micro-organisms that are usually found on the human skin and other surfaces.

While considering these sanitizers for your clients, go with those featuring green certification to demonstrate your responsibility to the environment. These have the least harmful impacts on the environment.

There are different bottle sizes of liquid hand sanitizers to choose from. Some of these are small and compact enough to slip into your pocket or purse.


The word “automatic” here is a misnomer. It mainly refers to the dispenser, not the sanitizer, and is hands-free. It’s highly recommended for hospitals, offices, and other institutions. Automatic hand sanitizers are ideal gifts for some of your most valuable business clients. They are especially ideal for people with limited limb functionality.

The outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which originated in Wuhan, China, in 2019 has heightened the need to stay germ-free. Most people are more concerned about the state of their hands and other surfaces as these are the most potential routes of transmission.

They would, therefore, appreciate a gift such as a hand sanitizer, which has become a must-have item in households, institutions, and public establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, and schools.

Hand sanitizers are great promotional items that can be bundled with other products as a way of appreciating customers. They are thoughtful, yet practical gifts that most clients would highly appreciate. The message you communicate is that you care about your customers’ safety and hygiene, and this can only be good for business.