As an investor, it makes a lot of sense to invest in the healthcare industry. The world’s population is aging, which means that the need for healthcare services will keep increasing. Plus, investing in healthcare allows you to help make a positive difference in many people’s lives.

There are many business investment opportunities within the healthcare sector. If you want to make the most of the money you invest, you should learn more about what health tech companies are currenly working on.

Here are 8 of the best health tech startups around the world:


Easylabs is a Canadian health tech startup based in Ontario. It was founded in September 2020 by Tom Petersil, the current CEO. The company was created out of a desire to close the gap between the medical information people want, and the reports that are available to them.

They have developed a unique approach to provide patients with meaningful information that makes it easier for them to understand their lab results, including risks for diseases and potential treatments. This empowers them to take better care of their health.


Akila Labs is an American health tech startup that was founded by Prakash Hosalli and Lakshmi Anantharamu. They are based in New York City, and have been around since 2017.

Akila Labs uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to build a preventative health platform focused on diabetes prevention and management. Users can set their health goals, and Akila’s app will help them achieve progress by acting like a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a nurse, a counselor, and a personal assistant.

One of their missions is to help reverse pre-diabetes.


MiiCARE is a startup based in London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 2018 by Kelvin Summoogum after his grandmother passed away following a bad fall. He decided to work on a solution to help elderly people living alone in their home.

The technology developed by MiiCare is simple, but effective. Wireless sensors are placed in the house of the user, and they connect to a MiiCube, which is a device that uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor the health of the user, and warns their relatives whenever something is wrong.


Maple is another Canadian health tech startup that was founded in 2015 by Brett Belchetz, Roxana Zaman and Stuart Starr. Their focus is on telemedicine.

In fact, the Maple app is taking telemedicine to a new level. Canadians can describe their symptoms online, 24/7, and chat with a licensed doctor within minutes. The doctor will be able to provide the patient with a diagnosis and a prescription, and no visit to a medical clinic will be necessary. With their innovative platform, Maple wants to make healthcare available on demand to anyone who needs it.


Calm is based in San Francisco. This fast-growing American company was founded in 2012 by Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew. The Calm app provides products that help people sleep, meditate, or simply relax.

These products include guided meditations, sleep aids, and health and meditation videos. In a hectic world where many health problems are related to too much stress, Calm is really helping their users harness the gentle power of meditation to improve their overall mental and physical health.


MedicPad is a health tech startup that was founded in Romania in 2019, by Elena Unciuleanu, Mihai Draghici, Diana Mereu, and Olimpiu Balas. Their goal is to work with medical professionals to help them save some time.

Their caregiver management software allows doctors and nurses to complete smart forms and to work more efficiently. Their app can be used by patients to help them keep track of their different prescriptions and to make sure the medications they take won’t interact negatively with each other.


AIDA Diagnostics is based in Warsaw, Poland. This startup was founded in 2019 by Mateusz Pawełczuk, with a mission to help doctors, hospitals and blood banks improve the way they manage blood, to avoid wasting this precious resource.

With the power of Artificial Intelligence, their decision support software helps optimize the management of donors, storage, and deliveries.

Their system can also help reduce the costs of medical procedures and blood therapy, while identifying the procedures that can be improved to further reduce blood waste.


Finally, AdhereTech is an American startup based in New York. It was founded in 2011 by Josh Stein, and it is now seen as a leading provider of smart devices and digital support that connect patients to care.

Concretely, they have developed a smart pill bottle that notifies patients whenever they have missed a dose of their medications. The bottle keeps track of usage and dosage, it provides patients with customized support via their phone, and helps make sure they will get a refill on time so they can take care of their health without interruption.